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Designer | Mechanical Engineer | Data Scientist

I’ve created this page for people to explore the different types of things that I have done over the last couple of years.


The professional years that I have dedicated while building my career. These include full time positions, part time positions and internships.


From marketing tools to database architectures and machine learning, see what certifications I have earned.


I love exploring, and research has allowed me to test theory. From aerodynamics to acoustics, you can learn about my research experience.

Volunteer Work

I love helping build communities, see how I volunteer my time and effort to causes that I believe can change society.


Projects take up most of my time, and that’s because I always have a new idea to test. This is what I am most passionate about.


I love cars, games, and reading, and more hobbies than I can think of at the moment. I want to see if we have any in common.

I hope you enjoy! Scroll through this main page to get a summary, or click on the menu to learn more.

Featured Project

Goddard Robotics’ Rover – A level 2 autonomous robot.

Rover was our attempt at designing an autonomous robot. We – a team of engineers – signed up for a DHL Robotics Competitions to build a robot that would carry all the packages for the delivery experts. After gaining some crowdfunding support we decided to build the robot. Here is a video of that project.

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Machine Learning

Course completion from Coursera’s Machine Learning course offers by Stanford on a broad introduction to machine learning, datamining, and statistical pattern recognition.

Graph Databases

Neo4j is a graph database used optimized to map, analyze, store and traverse networks of connected data to reveal invisible contexts and hidden relationships.

Design Thinking course to apply the human-centered design process to challenges across industries, sectors, and geographies to generate breakthrough ideas for social innovation.

Gianfranco has the unique ability to discover value within the startup community and was a key member in the selection committee of StartUP FIU. His contributions to launching the StartUP FIU program cannot be understated and his role in fostering development of Miami's technology community continue to be invaluable to our entrepreneurs.

John Menezes, Startup/Corporate Attorney & Operations Management Executive

Want to meet?

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